Peer Review Process

Persica Antiqua is a peer reviewed open access journal that aims to respect the international publication standards. To do so, the peer review process is done in a double blinded way where neither the reviewer(s) nor the author(s) are not aware of one another’s identity. In this way the review will be done without prejudice.

The journal follows a rigorous reviewing policy. Each submitted paper is first evaluated for its style consistency and appropriacy of the topic after being checked for plagiarism. If found faulty or not appropriate, the paper is returned to the author for further work and resubmission. The papers that meet initial submission criteria are then reviewed by at least two members of editorial and advisory board as well as external reviewers. A final decision is made on the status of the paper based on the feedback offered by board members and anonymous reviewers to the Editor in Chief. The final decision (which takes the form of Accept as it is; Accept with minor changes; Accept with major changes; Revise and Resubmit as a new paper; and Reject) will then be communicated to the corresponding author by the Managing Editor. The Journal team strives to keep the review process as short and reasonable as possible and the contributing authors are expected to receive a decision within 2-3 months of submission (the latest). 

Accepted papers will be waiting in a queue for placement into an issue. Given the large number of submissions we receive and the queue of accepted papers, contributing authors should understand that they may need to wait for up to 6 months after acceptance of their paper before it is published in an issue. Authors who look for an early publication chance are encouraged to submit their work elsewhere.